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Since 1977, Valley Sealcoat, Inc. has been recognized as the premier outdoor sport surface restoration and general construction firm serving Wisconsin and the U.P. of Michigan. Located in Appleton, Wisconsin, we take pride in offering our clients the most comprehensive services using materials, applied only by our experienced and dedicated crew (sport surface work is all they do), specifically designed to produce the finest possible end product.

The best constructed tennis courts, basketball courts and running tracks will offer many years of serviceable use, but must be properly maintained with a regular maintenance plan. At the beginning of each season the surface should be checked for tree debris, mold and mildew and removed professionally by the use of ultra-high-pressure washers. Cracks which may have developed in the playing surface should be addressed (there are a few methods available...see ARMOR CRACK REPAIR below) to avoid further and future damage to the surface. It is recommended in our northern climate for courts to be color coated every 5-8 years depending on surface and local conditions. Color coating is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but also helps the surface resist weathering, allows for a slip resistant surface for the safety of the players, facilitates in the determination of the ball speed and reduces the temperature and glare of the playing surface to provide the most pleasant experience possible for players.

We Specialize In

  • Tennis courts
  • 10 and under courts
  • Pickleball courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Running tracks
  • Shuffleboard courts

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  • School Districts
  • Municipalities
  • Country Clubs
  • Condominium Associations
  • Tennis Clubs



Armor Crack Repair

Probably the most common problem and complaint regarding outdoor court surfaces is that they crack and will, without question, crack again. This usually occurs sooner than later. This is true for both asphalt and concrete surfaces. The use of traditional crack filling materials will seal the crack but hairline cracks will begin to develop by the following season, if not before. Since 2008, we have been a CERTIFIED INSTALLER (available to only a very select few contractors) as an installer of the ARMOR CRACK REPAIR SYSTEM. This product and repair method successfully keep the repaired cracks from reappearing on the surface. Armor is the finest crack repair method in the industry offering unparalleled results.

Mateflex Modular Surface

A solution to a court where the base is solid but the surface has severe cracking is the use of MATEFLEX TILES. These polypropylene interlocking tiles provide an immediate and final resolution to the surface cracking problem rather than removing the entire court and starting over at significant expense. Another advantage of the MATEFLEX tile system is they are softer to play on versus traditional surfaces and much easier on the body. The MATEFLEX system is secured around the entire perimeter of the court with patented “flex-joints” on each tile, eliminating any contraction or expansion from occurring caused by varying outdoor temperatures. Most other tile systems do not secure the perimeter. Another obvious advantage to using MATEFLEX tiles is your court is only “down” for a short period of time rather than several days to several weeks. In our climate, the outdoor season is short enough without closing down the court for an extended period of time. Call us for more information and we will be happy to provide additional details.


  • We are pleased to offer a complete line of DOUGLAS INDUSTRIES tennis and sports products. Their product line is very extensive with items such as:
  • Net posts and sleeves
  • Nets, center straps and tie downs
  • Windscreens (available with custom logos)
  • Basketball standards (fixed and adjustable height)
  • Court side benches and water coolers
  • If not listed here, contact us.  We have many other resources to get you what you need

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